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Taxpayer funded 2-1-1 dial-an-abortion

The list of things that you and I must subsidize at the whims of Washington keeps growning. via :

The is asking constituents to contact a legislative committee in Washington and oppose a pending $700 million plan that could turn tax funds into payments for a special referral service sending women to Planned Parenthood for abortions.

The bill, H.R. 211, has been pending since last year but ALL said it is expected to be pushed through the It would set up nationwide a 2-1-1 phone number for questions about services and agency opportunities.

"In the hands of the Obama administration – Planned Parenthood's very own marketing and outreach team – this number could easily be used to 'help' women find 'comprehensive reproductive health care,'" said Judie Brown, founder of the pro-life organization.

"Translation: This number will probably be used to direct unsuspecting, confused pregnant women to Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills – courtesy of you, the taxpayer," she said.

calls for initial funding of about $150 million per year, with subsequent years allocated $100 million.

The bill calls for the "nationwide availability of 2-1-1 telephone service for information and referral on health and human services, including volunteer services, and for other purposes."

"Rapid deployment nationwide of 2-1-1 telephone service as a means of access to information about and referral on human services requires collaboration among state governments, comprehensive and specialized information and referral centers, including child care resource and referral agencies, human service organizations and service providers, emergency management and homeland security officials, telephone companies, and other relevant entities," it states.

Under its provisions there would be a "lead entity" that already works with state agencies, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations and others.

The American Life League believes the money would end up being directed by abortion-friendly groups such as United Way to abortion businesses such as Planned Parenthood, officials said.

"This bill is a clever attempt to further ensconce Planned Parenthood in communities by disguising it as just another nonprofit social service organization," Brown said. "But the truth about Planned Parenthood is much more insidious: It’s an organization dedicated to profiteering from abortion and the sexualization of young people."

ALL said United Way already is a clearing house for such information.

The bill notes that such 2-1-1 programs already are available in some or all of 41 states, but money is needed to expand it comprehensively across the nation.

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