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Treasure Valley voter turnout 60-65% for midterms

An estimated 63% of voters made the effort to vote yesterday in an election that resulted in a Congressional swing not seen for the last 7 decades.  That is a really good number, higher than I can remember in recent elections, but it still leaves room for improvement.  This is our responsibility; no complaining about the results if you don't vote.  :

Voters came out in droves Tuesday for a midterm election many saw as a referendum on President Barack Obama’s first two years.

Early estimates Tuesday night indicated between 60 percent and 65 percent turnout in both Ada and Canyon counties.

While ballots were still being tallied in Canyon County, Deputy Clerk Brad Jackson said the question is whether heavy absentee and early voting would ultimately mean a less-enthusiastic Election Day turnout.

Officials said 65 percent voter turnout was possible.

By late Tuesday afternoon, polling places in Ada County were also reporting voter turnout that was “higher than people expected,” said Ada County Deputy Clerk Chris Rich.

As almost 900 election workers toiled away Tuesday night, Ada County officials expected from 120,000 to 130,000 voters.

Idaho election officials projected that 63 percent of the more than 752,000 registered voters would take part in Tuesday’s election.

Meanwhile, the Idaho Statesman’s website logged more than 130,000 hits to its online voter guide, an indication perhaps of last-minute interest in more information on candidates and issues.

story | by Dr. Radut