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Harry Reid pushes four versions of the DREAM Act at the same time

.  First, why four versions, each slightly different?  The main bits are the same, so I can only imagine that he is trying to figure out which one can be slid through.

Senate Majority Leader has pushed four different versions of the controversial immigration bill known as the DREAM Act without a hearing on any of them, drawing outrage from the top Republican on the committee that would have handled the package.


Since September, his deputy Sen. , D-Ill., has introduced four slightly different versions all bearing the same name. Reid has moved them all to the calendar -- he appears to be teeing up for a test vote, which could happen sometime later this week, on the latest version introduced on Tuesday.

Second, why no hearings?  This seems like a shell game to me.

"Democrat leaders, in their rush to pass an unpopular bill during the lame-duck session, have completely bypassed the Judiciary Committee. They have introduced four separate versions of the same bill and, without any committee review, placed each and every one of them on the legislative calendar," the statement said. "This unusual approach creates a chaotic situation, one that makes it more difficult for the public and their representatives -- as well as the press -- to review this deeply controversial measure.

Finally, something in this last part stuck out to me.  Do you see it?

"The DREAM Act is based on two very simple principles: that children brought up in this country should not be penalized for the actions of their parents and that our country is made stronger by hard-working immigrants who are willing to do what it takes to build a better life in America in a way that makes our country both stronger and more secure," Kaine said in a statement.

"Willing to do what it takes?"  Does that include ignoring the law?  Since they are here illegally, it would appear so.

story | by Dr. Radut