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Franken may not have been chosen? Please, PLEASE, inspect your votes before submitting

Make sure you know who your vote is going to.  With around the country (), it is important that your ballot gets cast for those you intend it.  Of course that won't prevent felons, deceased, or other illegals from stealing the race.  Is there such a thing as a fair fight in politics?  via :

A Minnesota organization whose investigation concluded comedian Al Franken might not have been chosen by voters is encouraging citizens nationwide to take back their elections by monitoring polling stations and letting authorities know immediately of anything improper.

"They should observe and report," Dan McGrath of told WND today. "They shouldn't get involved in confrontations or asking questions."

But citizens should notify authorities immediately of intimidation, electioneering, suspicions about improper influence or illegal voters, said McGrath, who said organizations of interested voters concerned about the integrity of America's vote are multiplying.

His organization probed 312-vote victory in the U.S. Senate rate in Minnesota in 2008. Incumbent Norm Coleman was found to have more votes at the end of the polling, but the victory was given to Franken after challenged recounts.

According to records, however, at least 341 convicted felons voted in Hennepin County, where Minneapolis is located, and another 52 voted illegally in Ramsey County, home to St. Paul.

"The number of felons voting in those two counties alone exceeds … Franken's victory margin," according to the analysis.

McGrath said there's no effort to invalidate the Franken election, but his group showed how the system failed to provide voters with reason to have confidence in the results.

"I don't presume to know how those [ineligible voters] cast their ballots. I can't say," McGrath told WND. "What I do know is that because of the fraud that was in the system, we don't know if we elected the person the people really wanted to elect.

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