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Mother forced to pay spousal support to man convicted of raping her daughter

This is one of those laws that nullification or amendment is made for.  Astoundingly ridiculous.  Found at

A mother who was forced to pay spousal support to the ex-husband who was convicted of raping her daughter is speaking out to CBS2.

“Every time I wrote that check, I cried because I felt like I was paying the man that raped my daughter,” Carol Abar told CBS2′s Andrea Fujii.

Carol married Ed Abar in 1991, when her daughter, who wishes to remain unidentified, was 9 years old.

When Carol found out about the abuse, she divorced Ed, but the legal system wasn't done with her yet.

Since Carol made more money than Abar, she was forced to pay alimony—$1,300 a month.

“The judge told me I had no proof. It was my word against him,” said Carol.


In all, Carol paid $22,000 to Abar until last year, when Abar struck a plea deal and pleaded guilty to one of the five rape charges. He was sentenced to more than a year in jail.

A judge then temporarily stopped the spousal support.

Now out of jail, Abar has filed to reinstate the support, according to Brian Uhl, Carol’s attorney.

“He’s asking not just to resume the existing support of $1,300 a month, but he’s asking for what amounts to approximately $33,000 in past due support and that too is a miscarriage of justice,” said Uhl.

European Commission to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with government. Unbelievably...

European Commission to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with government.Unbelievably ridiculous. Can't grow food unless it's state approved food :-P

Teen expelled and charged with a felony after a science experiment goes wrong. Unless there is direct...

Teen expelled and charged with a felony after a science experiment goes wrong.Unless there is direct evidence that it was an intentional action with an expected result, this is ridiculous.I totally agree that there are, and should be, consequences for the actions of an individual.  That being said, expulsion and arrest for popping the top off of a bottle is not right.

10 year old gets suspended for bringing a tiny Swiss Army knife on a camping trip. This one caught my...

10 year old gets suspended for bringing a tiny Swiss Army knife on a camping trip.This one caught my attention not only because it is ridiculous, but also because I went to school right next door in Cupertino. I understand that there is a need for security, but suspension? Expulsion?  Come on...

Protect your rights: 8th grader arrested for wearing NRA t-shirt

RWN has the story.  A middle-schooler wore an NRA t-shirt to school and, when he refused to take it off, the teacher removed him from class.  The school suspended him and had him arrested for obstruction and disturbing the education process.  Lame.


Eighth grader Jared Marcum wore a shirt that featured the NRA logo and a hunting rifle. The shirt didn’t violate school policy, which specifically bans clothing that features profanity, violence, and discriminatory messages, but says nothing about guns.

When Jared arrived at school, his teacher demanded that he remove the shirt. He refused. His teacher then had him removed from the class room, he was suspended, and then arrested and charged with obstruction and disturbing the education process.

All for wearing a NRA T-Shirt that says "Protect Your Rights."

What, are we in China?

Marcum’s father, Allen Lardieri, is naturally upset that his son has been treated this way. He’s vowed to "go to the ends of the earth, I will call people, I will write letters, I will do everything in the legal realm to make sure this does not happen again."

People Petition to Confiscate Guns and Repeal the Second Amendment

The ignorance is shocking Surprise.

Federal judge: The morning-after pill should be available without prescription — regardless of age

Even if you discard the moral argument for a moment, this is still shocking when you consider the implications from the parental rights angle.  This ruling further erodes the notion of family, eliminating the parents' role in raising their kids, transferring it instead to the State with all their wisdom.

Morality step back in, and what you have here is an excuse in a bottle.  The easier you make it for kids to do whatever they feel like, the more often they will do it.  No risk, no consequences, easy fixes.  Why not?

The hoops that I as a parent currently have to jump through just to get an asthma inhaler kept at my kids' school for emergencies are there by design to keep them safe, keep the medicine from being abused (intentionally or unintentionally), and so that we can be notified by their medical staff whenever it needs to be used.  But if a "13 year old can purchase a powerful hormonal drug that can almost quite literally rip out her uterus lining without anyone ever having to know about it" that's just fine and dandy.

A 7-year-old can be suspended for making a Pop Tart gun, and his 12-year-old sister can get the pill whether her parents like it or not. -@jtLOL


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