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Ahahaha, riiiiiight. D Oh

Wausau West seniors face consequences from nerf guns

Really? I understand the need to investigate the report in an appropriate way, but once they realized it was a Nerf game, the police should have just let it go. :

It was a game gone wrong. A trending game called "Nerf Wars” left some Wausau West seniors with disorderly conduct citations Tuesday night.

In the game, teams play in Nerf gun battles. It started a few years ago at the high school. But now, it's led to trouble.

"It traumatized my kid,” said Scott Hansen of Wausau. “He didn't sleep last night, he didn't sleep well at all."

Wausau police say neighbors near Stevens Street reported someone pointing a gun at a car Tuesday night. Turns out, they were Wausau West students holding Nerf guns.

Hansen's son was one of them. He thinks police took it too far.

"I just think at that point it got a little out of hand,” said Hansen. “Then the issuing of citations was really out of hand."

"They did scare a number of people in the area," said Captain Ben Bliven of the Wausau Police Dept.

Six students, all seniors, were cited for disorderly conduct.

"Our dispatch said there were three people with firearms,” said Bliven. "So we had to respond appropriately. We wanted to do everything as safe as possible for us and for the citizens in the area."

The school has also placed some students on athletic probation. This isn't the first time the Wausau school district has dealt with this game.

Guilty of possessing muzzleloader bullets in D.C.

An unbelievable verdict from D.C. Apparently it's illegal to have lumps of inert, copper coated lead in your possession. The lumps might somehow gain velocity and pew pew somebody. Seen at :

In a surprising twist at the end of a long trial, a District of Columbia judge found guilty of “attempted possession of unlawful ammunition” for antique replica muzzleloader bullets.

Judge sentenced to time served, a $50 fine and required him to enroll with the ’s firearm offenders’ registry within 48 hours.


Until the final hours of the trial, both the defense and government focused the case on whether the single 12 gauge shotgun shell that was found in ’s D.C. home was operable. The judge, however, never ruled on it.

In the afternoon on Wednesday, Judge  shook the plastic shell and tried to listen to something inside. He said he could not hear any gunpowder. He then asked the lawyers to open the shell to see if there was powder inside.

Attacked by three, bat-wielding thugs, man defends himself with legal gun…prosecutors considering charging the victim

Charge the victim with homicide for protecting his life with a legally carried weapon? Absurd. From :

A janitor who was held down and beaten with a baseball bat by three attackers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin may face formal charges for shooting and killing two of his assailants with the gun that he is legally allowed to carry.

On Wednesday afternoon, the currently unidentified maintenance worker was accosted by three young individuals while he was changing the locks at an apartment located in a rough area of Milwaukee. The three assailants mistook the janitor for the building manager and attacked him over the fact that one of their friends was put on notice for eviction.

Two of the individuals held down the 39-year old man while a third one beat him with a baseball bat. The maintenance worker was able to free himself and fatally shoot two of the attackers with his concealed carry permitted gun.

The two attackers who died were James Bell, Jr., 19, and Anmarie Miller, 17. The surviving attacker, aged 20, was arrested on suspicion of substantial battery, but was released without charges Friday.

A representative from the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office says the case is under review by their homicide unit — but there is no word yet about possible charges.

The Hypocrisy

Los Angeles Times Skips the I-Word As California Grants Law License to Illegal Alien

I should skip the ridiculous tag and go right to redonkulous with this one.  Apparently the law means nothing but what they tell you it means.  From :

The Los Angeles Times decided, as one of California’s leading arbiters of political correctness, that they would skip the ironic headline of “Illegal alien wins license to practice law.” That kind of direct language is a bit too honest. The use of the I-word will be banned in all civilized and "inclusive"  forums in the future, and this may mark the beginning.

“California court grants law license to Mexican immigrant” was the headline, and took many paragraphs before listing just how many times this new lawyer evades all those annoying technicalities they teach you about in law school.

“A Mexican immigrant without a green card on Thursday won the right to practice law in California, an unprecedented ruling that will permit others in similar circumstances to become lawyers,” Dolan began.

Not only did the word “illegal” never appear, but neither did anyone who thought this decision was questionable if not ridiculous on its face. The raves were arranged to be unanimous:

Feinstein logic

LOL'd at :


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