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Let’s regulate guns like we regulate cars

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Today we’re going to do a little thought experiment and actually think this analogy all the way through.

Let’s examine the analogy completely, starting with gun ownership. Even at the sketchiest of pawn shops in America, here are the steps that I have to take to legally buy a handgun:

  1. Be over 21
  2. Fill out a 4473
  3. Pass a federal background check (NICS)
  4. Pay the shop

And that’s just the process if you live in free America. Plenty of states have additional restrictions like waiting periods and state level background checks. For example in Washington, a state with pretty decent gun laws, unless you have a WA CPL you have to wait an additional 5 days from when you purchase a handgun to when you can actually take it home. This is so the state police can make double plus sure that you’re not a badguy, despite having already passed a NICS check.

Now, here are the necessary steps you must take to buy a car:

  1. Have enough money.

Mind you, we’re not talking about driving the car, just like we’re not talking about carrying the gun. To do nothing other than buy a handgun and take it home, I have to jump through several hoops. If I’m 16 and I want to buy a car, all I need is money.

Boise police shoot dog, hit car in process

I've got some issues with how this went down.  There have been more and more dogs shot by officers in the news.  It's starting to feel like the reaction is to shoot first and ask questions later because, well, it's just a dog.

If the officer who turned and ran is in the K9 unit, he should fully know that the dog's instinct is to give chase, whether it's aggressive or playful.  He should have handled that better.

Was there no alternative than for his partner to fire (5 times?  Really???) on the animal?

So to be safe, keep my dog on leash, inside, or in the back yard; got it.  I'm sure that everyone's dog has gotten loose at one time or another.  Heck, it's even legal to have your dog unleashed on your own property.  If for whatever reason LEO's show up and enter the property, is it their duty to retreat if there's a dog?  If they turn and run, then shoot the dog when it chases them, who's to blame?

There used to be a time when I didn't worry about it much, but not any more.  I think this is a good reason for more training on appropriate escalation of force where someone's pet is involved.


The dog, named Scrappy Doo, was wounded in the shoulder and neck but survived and came home from the vet Monday, owner Russell Lortz said.

The Hypocrisy

Feinstein logic

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The silencing of the ducks


A Facebook group demanding that A&E reinstate "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson has become more popular than the A&E's official Facebook page.

As of Friday, "Stand With Phil Robertson" has garnered more than 1.3 million likes on Facebook, versus A&E's approximately 588,000.

A&E is walking a thin line with free speech issues.  Read the whole thing at

I did not start viewing Duck Dynasty until a few months ago. It has since become our favorite show and we can’t get enough of it. Christian values, real people, guns and hunting – what’s not to love? But it would seem that being a Christian and espousing your beliefs in America is now becoming ever more dangerous.As RedState pointed out, ultimately you will care and you will have to take a stand and take sides.

Assault weapons


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