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December 2011

I plan on losing weight for my New Year's resolution too


Hope n' Change Cartoons would like to be the first to wish everyone a very "Happy NO Year!"

Because 2012 is finally the year when we can go toe-to-toe with the "Yes We Can" crowd and tell them in no uncertain terms"No You Can't!" 

No you can't continue to divide Americans and set one group against another. No you can't turn your backs on America's allies and military commitments. No you can't continue to steal trillions of dollars from future generations and enrich yourselves at our expense. No you can't kill individual initiative and turn this into a socialist state. No you can't continue to pretend that patriotism is the same thing as racism.

No you can't re-elect Barack Obama.

Obama Says He Won't Be Bound by Gun Control Ban in Omnibus


Bad news: Big Government has excreted an , giving America another hard shove toward insolvency.

Good news: at least it contains a provision preventing authoritarians from using the money to deprive us of our precious Second Amendment liberties.

More bad news: Obama has put it on the record that he plans to . John Frazer of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action explains:


The Second Amendment won’t be the only casualty of the Audacity of Arrogance. As the division of powers crumbles, we are losing our whole system of limited government.

Tennessee tourist arrested at 9/11 memorial for trying to do the right thing

NY is getting some attention with this.  , similar circumstances.

Ryan Jerome was enjoying his first trip to New York City on business when the former  gunner walked up to a security officer at the  and asked where he should check his gun.

That was when Jerome’s nightmare began. The security officer called police and Jerome spent the next two days in jail.

The 28-year-old with no criminal history now faces a mandatory minimum sentence of three and a half years in prison. If convicted, his sentence could be as high as fifteen years.

Jerome has a valid concealed carry permit in Indiana and visited New York believing that it was legal to bring his firearm. He was traveling with $15,000 worth of jewelry that he planned to sell.

The online  information Jerome read was inaccurate, however, and his late September arrest initiated what may become a protracted criminal saga. He hasn’t yet been indicted by a grand jury, but there may be little legal wiggle-room if he is.

Sorry Butch, providing an environment of opportunity doesn't mean funding or competing with the private sector

Why is state government getting involved with private business? They also should not be competition to the private sector. From what I understand, it clearly violates the State Constitution. What is going on here?


One of Gov. Butch Otter’s central missions of the 2012 Legislature will be selling the program to conservative Idaho lawmakers who are leery of inserting taxpayer money into areas where they believe the private sector should take the reins.

The Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission, or iGem, as the proposal is called, includes a strategy of luring talented researchers to Idaho universities and the Center for Advanced Energy Studies in Idaho Falls. Once they arrive, they’ll research energy, materials science and manufacturing, computer science and bio and agricultural technology — areas where Idaho has a foundation — to develop products and spin off companies.


Politicos are fond of attempting to “run government like a business” in these hard economic times, but how about government flat out running a business?

The obvious outcome of DHS's "see something, say something"

Better not look at people in a way they may determine is suspicious, and definately don't forget your cell phone on a table somewhere! From :

While a mystery to most Americans, the  recently made waves when they were brought to the mainstream public’s attention by talk show host and former governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura. As we highlighted in , fusion centers are the digital backbone of the modern day domestic spying network and make it possible to track, itemize, aggregate and analyze the personal activities of every American.

Now, those fusion centers have new intelligence assets to draw on for information – your friends, neighbors and fellow citizens – and many of them are delighted to help.

Brad Kleinerman entered the spooky world of homeland security.

How the minority rules in American politics

Time to wake up and say something more than "whoa there." From :

A fundamental principle in politics is that a small number of people willing to push their agenda will always dominate a large number of people who just want to live in peace and mind their own business.

This principle helps to explain how America, with only 20 percent of voters describing themselves as liberal, lurches steadily toward a socialist state that the center-right majority does not want. This principle also helps to explain the success of cultural movements that are not supported by the mainstream, such as efforts to drive any mention of God from the public square or efforts to change the definition of marriage that has prevailed for millennia throughout Western civilization.

But self-described conservatives outnumber liberals two-to-one in America, and yet public policy somehow ratchets only to the left. Conservative victories are measured in terms of how much the growth of government power is slowed, never by how much liberty has advanced. Why doesn't the "demanding minority" principle work for the right, especially considering our decided numerical advantage?

Using the government to plunder people to support our American dream is fundamentally morally wrong

Economics at Valencia College talks about how the students of "Generation Gimme" view the American dream. It is certainly not the same dream of those who founded the country.


The budget explained in simple English

A little old but still gets the point across.

Top 10 conspiracy facts of 2011

As with all stories of conspiracy, take them with a grain of salt until you can confirm or deny. I ran across these and found them very interesting. A few I had previously seen and the facts can't really be disputed. Others I'm still checking out. This was found at . Have fun!

2011 was the year in which many conspiracy “theories” became conspiracy FACTS. Articles that used to earn you a tinfoil hat designation suddenly were front-page news stories across the country. The world is stranger than we can imagine, it seems, and 2011 proved it yet again.

Here are the top ten conspiracy facts that emerged over the last year:

– Obama admits U.S. government used Guatemalan prisoners for illegal medical experiments

When we exposed the U.S. government’s long list of medical crimes against humanity back in 2006, the mainstream media was silent (). People insisted the government was ethical and honest, and it could never be involved in crimes against humanity. (ROFL!) When the truth came out about Guatemalan prisoner experiments, however, it went viral so quickly the mainstream media couldn’t whitewash the story.

Quantum levitation demonstration

Way cool quantum levitation. Floats like it's on invisible rails, but not like other magnets. The structure makes it so it can be positioned and "stuck" above the magnet in orientations that I haven't seen before.


by Dr. Radut